M.A.X Training Academy


About the class

Every Sunday, 1pm - 2pm (beginners) and then 2pm - 3pm (all levels)

The Max Training Academy classes are ideal for both beginners and more experienced capoeira students.

‚ÄčThe session consists of warm-up & stretching, training and roda (circle where capoeira is played) with full bateria.

Price per session is: £5.00

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M.A.X Training Academy
First Floor
Pearson Buildings
Bright Street


Professor Caranguejo

Professor Caranguejo

Peter Grufferty

One of Mestre Tazmania’s first students, Peter has been playing Capoeira since 1994. As well as supporting the classes in Newcastle, Peter is also the driving force behind the Durham and Middlesbrough classes.

Instrutora Borbaleta

Instrutora Borbaleta

Sandra Grufferty

Sandra came into Capoeira from a dance background in 1998 and has been fortunate enough to travel to Rio twice and Paris on courses, training with many influential masters. Sandra helps teach the Durham and Middlesbrough classes alongside Professor Caranguejo.