Balance Drills

Here are some ideas for drills to work your balance using some basic kicks. First up we’re going to work on performing multiple of the same kick, as always take it slow and work up your numbers, make sure each kick is a proper repetition, no point just waving your legs about, that’s just Riverdance. Don’t forget your arms are just as important in helping to counter-balance yourself.

Secondly we’re going try some combinations of basic kicks without putting our foot down in between. This is less about balancing for a long period of time so don’t worry about doing loads of kicks at once, this is more about coping with shifting to new positions for different kicks. This can also be a good way of catching someone out in a roda so try and think of effective combinations and how you’d apply them in a game.

If you’ve got the space feel free to try and add in armada and meia lua de compasso.