Capoeira Interval Training

This is a great way to work on your general fitness and your basic techniques at the same time and is easily customisable to your own level.

We’re taking the GMB approach to AMRAP here, As Many Reps As Pretty. What that means is we don’t want you blasting loads of sloppy reps of each technique, that’s not helping anything, we want you doing as many clean solid reps at your current level of ability as possible in the time frame. We’ll give you progressions for each technique in the video.

The Routine


For my routine I do 14 reps of

  • 30s active
  • 10s ginga (this is your rest, but keep moving and keep working that ginga)

But feel free to adapt this to what you have time for and can manage. If you’re really struggling give yourself a bit more rest.


These are the 14 exercises I do in the video but you can chop and change as you like:

  • Meia-Lua De Frente (from front or back)
  • Queixada (from front or back)
  • Benção
  • Martelo (from front or back)
  • Armada
  • Meia-Lua De Compasso
  • Cocorinha
  • Esquiva
  • Esquiva De Frente
  • Esquiva De Costas
  • Negativa - Rolê
  • Negativa De Angola
  • Queda De Rins

I also give you some tips on adjusting the exercises to your level.