Leg Conditioning

Here’s a selection of squat variations and other leg conditioning exercises to help build leg strength ranging from straight forward to reasonably tough. As always work to your level and make sure you’ve got your current exercise clean and controlled before trying a harder variation.

The Exercises

You can do these either as sets of reps or using the AMRAPretty* approach. If doing sets I’d recommend starting with sets of 10, for AMRAPretty, try intervals of 30s.

  • Standard Squats
  • Pistol Squats
  • Step Back Squats
  • Side Squats
  • Chinese Squats
  • Toyotas (squat tuck jumps)
  • Single leg roll ups
  • Horse Stance
  • Calf Raises
  • Two footed and one footed precision jumps

Watch the video to see the variations demonstrated.

* AMRAPretty means rather than rushing lots of sloppy reps of an exercises you try and do as many clean controlled reps as possible, if it takes the full time to just do one, that’s fine.