Scuzzi's Disco Circuits

On the rare occasion Professor Scuzzi hits the dance floor, or on the more frequent occasion that he just wants to cause us pain, this is his go to routine.

Keep going, take it at your own pace, ginga in your rests and don’t forget to breathe!

The Routine

Perform 3 sets, rest for maximum of 3 minutes between set, maximum of 1 minute between exercises.

  • Star Jumps x 30
  • Running Man x 30
  • Running Jumps x 30
  • Star Man x 30
  • Alternating Esquiva x 30
  • Ginga Twists x 30
  • Power Squats (feet should lift slightly off the ground) x 30
  • Negativa Swaps x 30

Watch the video to find out what all the moves are.