Queda De Rins Progressions

Queda de Rins (hereafter referred to as QDR) is one of those signature Capoeira moves that (pretty much) everybody wants to do, but without understanding what’s going on, and having a progression to work through, it can be pretty tricky to get it nailed down.

QDR is generally seen in one of two forms, either as a transition stage during another floreio such as Au Queda De Rins, or as a semi static position, often made into an attack. For this video we’re going to focus on the second form, because in my opinion it’s easier to go from this version to the first than the other way around as you understand the position you’re moving through better.

The idea is to balance the body on the elbow of one hand with the other hand and head providing support, although in advanced variations one of both of these can be removed. The elbow is generally placed into the side above the hip, although some ladies may find it easier to actually place it on the hip due to lower centers of gravity, play around with it and find what works for you. The hands should be level with each other with the head placed a reasonable distance ahead of them, imagine you’re creating a tripod shape with your head and hands.

The video will take you through some progressions right from very basic, building up strength and familiarity with the position, to some more advanced ideas for expanding your repertoire and incorporating the move into your game. As always get each progression solid before moving on to the next one.