Jogo De Dentro - Sequence 2

Here’s another nice and twisty Jogo De Dentro sequence for you to work at home. This one is all about flowing straight from attack to defence and requires you to stay balanced through your rabo de arraia/compasso.

When doing the resistencia the key is to lead with the knees, pushing them to the ground, and pushing the hips through to create the arch. Remember even in a game you have some control over the speed you do this at because you can block the kick as you go down.

There’s also a couple of different ways of going into the tesoura to give you some different options in a game. When using the second one the idea is that as the leg kicks over it contacts the opponents rabo de arraia, pulling it round and past you.

As always take it slow and get comfortable with each version of the sequence before moving on to the next one.